What actually happens to such a barrel when it is no longer suitable for wine, beer or distillates? We have a new purpose – the second life!
The rain barrels that we build from these barrels are particularly popular. Simply because such a wooden barrel is much more beautiful than the plastic barrel that one would otherwise place in the garden.
This opinion was also shared by a large DIY chain from Switzerland, to whom we were allowed to deliver 830 rain barrels in the past few days.
830 pieces! You have to let it melt on your tongue… That’s almost 187,000 litres of rainwater that doesn’t seep into the ground (or into an ugly plastic barrel) thanks to our barrels. If you would string the barrels together, you could circle 2x a football field with it! But OK, nobody does anyway…
830 times our team has removed barrel bottoms, mounted handles, beaten tires and loaded each barrel by hand (!) on trucks – and that within only four weeks, beside the “daily business”, in pouring rain!
If you are not enthusiastic yet, the following should be mentioned: the team consisted of only 4 men! And they are not resting now because the big order has been completed; No, now they are preparing the next order: 1140 flower pots for the DIY chain in Switzerland.








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