It has been almost 15 months since we agreed to trade and my customer’s purchase of 5 large wooden barrels with a capacity of over 6000 litres was sealed.
Now the time had finally come and we planned, straightened, sawed, joined, set up, warmed, toasted, installed heads, mounted hoops, sanded, built in doors, varnished, lasered, tested and many more small work steps.


A long sequence of working steps and at the end always with some time pressure, because the wine waits for its new oak wooden barrel in which it then matures and is refined.

An exciting moment for our customer, the winemaker and us coopers who are curious to see if our work has been successful.


It is a fascination to build large containers with the material wood, a rare profession and yet a sought-after product.

Let´s go to the next project, let´s go with the straightening of barrel wood, sawing, etc.

We look forward to it.

Markus Eder

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