A lucky day for the Palatinate Forest and two lynxes


On 20 March 2020, we were allowed to celebrate a special day as patrons of a lynx. « Our » lynx is called « Lycka », the Swedish word for luck.

She was released into freedom together with a conspecific named « Tarda » in the Palatinate Forest near Wald-leiningen as part of a repopulation project. In the Pfälzer Wald, Lycka is one of 20 hopefuls in our area. With the repopulation of this native species we are giving back a valuable part to nature, the forest and the region. Only if areas such as the Palatinate Forest are respected and preserved can we and future generations benefit from nature in the long term.

As humans we experience nature individually and personally on hikes, walks and excursions.

And we, as a wood-processing company, are convinced that forests and their animals are inseparable.

In this way we want to support the forest and its fascinating animals and show our gratitude.

We wish the lynx Lycka and her conspecifics a long and healthy life, so that together they can contribute to the preservation and balance of our wonderful forests with their biodiversity.


We would also like to thank the responsible authorities and administrative bodies who are also supporting this project. We would like to express our special thanks to the project members of the Foundation Nature and Environment in Rhineland-Palatinate and our partner Trifels Natur GmbH.

See you,

Jonas Eder

More information about Lycka and the project can be found at