Review December 2019 : There’s no business like show business,


this also applies to the coopering of large barrels!

Nothing turns on more than fire, wood and strong boys swinging the hammer! In our case, to drive the hoops onto large barrels.

We were allowed to demonstrate all this at a wonderful eventing event of our customer Scheibel Whiskymühle . We are glad that we can keep up and preserve the old craft. And we show this at just such events.

Touching, feeling, watching and being right in the middle is better than online marketing and the use of social media, the emotions that are conveyed during a live demonstration are simply not to be shown with pixels and hashtags…

Thanks to Hans and Silas, the strong men at the hammer! And thanks to the Scheibel company for letting us share our profession with you!

Have a good one,

Markus Eder