Our new delivery of fresh emptied Tequila and Mezcal barrels has arrived!


These barrels are ideal for refilling with spirits or beer and offer a high variety of flavours.

But what exactly is the difference between Tequila and Mezcal?

First those two spirits differ by the different agave plants, which are used.

Tequila is based solely on the blue agave, which significantly influences and directs the taste of the tequila, Mezcal on the other hand offers a much greater variety in taste by using every variety of agave to distill, even wild growing agave plants end up in the burning boiler!

Also the production shows big differences: While Mezcal is still originally set, the Tequila is more industrially produced.

In both manufacturing processes the hearts of the agave must be pre-cooked, but this happens at different speeds.

While the agaves for the Mezcal are very slowly and with low temperatures pre-cooked in pits over hot stones for 3 to 5 days, the blue agave for the Tequila in turn is autoclaved(pre-cooked) within a short time and under high pressure. Time is gained here but the taste suffers, whereas the Mezcal already receives smoky and earthy aromas.

The next difference is the addition of sugar and fermenting substances.

Tequila is divided into Mixto-Tequila and 100% Tequila. Mixto must consist of at least 51% of own sugar from the mash and not more than 49% of added sugar, unfortunately the typically taste of the agave suffers while distilling in that way.

Often yeast and fermentation accelerators are used, because time is money, and that’s why the 100% Tequila is in every case the experts first choice.

The Mezcal filling of pure agave-sugar is also more popular and widespread, but even here are additions of sugar too, but only up to 20%.

Tradition need no time pressure and for this reason the addition of additives such as yeast is waived completely when distilling and you can taste it!

At least also the distilling itself is different: In small distillerys mostly Mezcal is produced, at a very low temperature, distilled twice and based on the agave mash, which still includes soft and hard ingredients.

Tequila, on the other hand, is only distilled from the mash juice and mostly in large and constant column distillation processes, which ensures an even taste.

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