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The toasting

A decisive factor in the modern production of wooden barrels are the parameters temperature and time. With the help of the application of heat in a given time on a wood structure one splits up physically and chemically wood contents materials, which release then flavours e.g. almond, Brioche, chocolate, seasoning or honey to the later contents. Completely without the addition of so-called nature-identical flavours.

We call this process toasting. This means that up to 120 different profiles (taste variables) can be produced in one oak barrel.

Barrel Toasting
Toasten Küfer


In combination with the now very different types of wood available, this results in an almost unmanageable number of possible combinations for your product, which means that you should always consult an expert or consultant when choosing a barrel.
In this context, it seems important to me to point out that even a specialist can only give meaningful advice if the user can describe where he would like to stand with his product after the wood barrel maturity.


Looking into the future

This sounds simple, but it is not, because you have to look into the future and try to hide a pure subjective perception and orient yourself on what your customer is looking for, in the sense that I only produce what I can actually market later. Except for exceptions for experts and trendsetters – here however also the certain real self-assessment belongs to it.

You can find out more about the subject of barrels in the next article.
Markus Eder